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Welcome to Day Insurance Solutions, LLC


Day Insurance Solutions, LLC is considered as an Essential Business providing insurance services and is open for business. Our office hours are 8 am to 4:30 pm. Per KS Executive order beginning 7/3/2020...all visitors to our offices should wear a face mask. It is preferred that most interactions need to be performed remotely via telephone, email or internet.

At Day Insurance Solutions, LLC, we are one of the few agencies that "specializes" in affordable health, life, and senior insurance products. Serving Kansas, Missouri, Oklahoma, and Nebraska. We offer plans for the individual/family, small business group, and large business groups. Click here for a free quote.  Let us do the shopping for you! 

We have the SOLUTIONS for businesses! Have you been shown a Medical Expense Reimbursement Plan (MERP)? MERP is one of the best health insurance plans at maintaining a consistent plan design and at managing your health insurance costs. Put your health insurance premiums to work for your benefit! We can provide a PRIVATE EXCHANGE and Defined Contribution strategies for businesses that are facing possible cancellation of their group policy.

Turning 65? We have MANY different Medicare products. Medicare Supplements, Advantage Plans, Drug Plans, dental, vision, life, and more. Call and ask for Teresa.

Day Insurance Solutions, LLC is contracted to provide FREE RX Discount, Vision, Dental, Labs & Imaging, Hearing, and Diabetic Supply cards to the general public, uninsured, healthcare groups, employer groups, and other organizations. The card can be used nationally at over 59,000 participating providers. The program provides Average Wholesale Pricing discounts of 13 to 65% off of prescriptions. Click on this link to PRINT YOUR OWN card  for free.

Late Breaking News

Teresa Day of Day Insurance Solutions, LLC was selected to serve on the Board of the Capital City Christian Chamber of Commerce (C5) on August 22, 2013.

Scott Day of Day Insurance Solutions, LLC was interviewed by the Kansas Health Institute on August 19, 2013 concerning Broker registrations with the KS Federally Facilitated Exchange.

Scott Day of Day Insurance Solutions, LLC was interviewed about the Affordable Care Act requirement of employers providing the Employer Exchange Notice or face a fine of $100/day. See the interview with Channel 27 News.

Scott Day of Day Insurance Solutions, LLC was elected President of the Kansas Association of Health Underwriters (KAHU) effective July 1, 2013. "The agent community is being targeted for elimination...yet it is the agent that has the greatest knowledge of insurance products, of client needs, of provider relations, of claims processing, of insurance law...and we are accessible in communities nationwide...service will still be needed by Kansan's...not a call center", said Scott.

Scott Day of Day Insurance Solutions, LLC will be the guest speaker at the Capital City Christian Chamber of Commerce (Topeka) at their luncheon on July 11, 2013.

Scott Day of Day Insurance Solutions, LLC was interviewed about the passage of the KS Mandate Lite law. See the interview with Channel 27 News.

Scott Day of Day Insurance Solutions, LLC testified in the Kansas House of Representatives Committee on Education hearing as a proponent on SB 104, Child Internet Protection Act on March 15, 2013. The bill would require schools to provide proper internet monitoring programs. Go to In the News to read his testimony. See Scott's interview with Channel 27 News.

Scott Day of Day Insurance Solutions, LLC testified at the Kansas Senate Financial Institutions & Insurance Committee hearing as a proponent on SB 382 on March 8, 2012. The bill would limit the ability of large insurance carriers to put a Favored Nation clause into their provider contracts. Favored Nation clauses allow insurance companies to lower the reimbursements they pay doctors if that doctor agrees to a lower reimbursement from another insurance company...effectively blocking providers from entering agreements with multiple insurance companies.

Scott Day of Day Insurance Solutions, LLC, was appointed by Governor Sam Brownback as the public Member of the Kansas State Employees Health Care Commission on August 8, 2011. He is to represent and serve the people of Kansas' best interests on recommendations concerning State Employees benefits programs. See related articles by clicking the "In the News" tab.

A recent study investigates whether prescribing healthful food could, in time, save money and improve health. The results are surprising.
Records of 19.2 million privately insured people show that 23.2 percent of antibiotic prescription fills in the United States in 2016 were inappropriate.
Medicare and Medicaid are state- and federal-funded health insurance plans that enable people with a low income to access healthcare in the United States. Find out more about what they are, the plans available, and who can access them.
Hepatitis C is a viral infection with different treatment options. Medication, treatments, and care pricing depend on factors that include a person’s insurance policy and their overall health. There are various medications available. Learn more about the costs of hepatitis C treatment here.
Good health insurance coverage can mean that a company covers expensive medical treatments. However, with such a range of types of coverage, as well as the complicated nature of the insurance industry, knowing how to select an insurance provider may save a life further down the line. Read on for a guide on insurance.
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Affordable Health Insurance

Day Insurance Solutions, LLC
Scott & Teresa Day
2525 NW Topeka Blvd
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